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IBA Sukkur Notes for BPS-5 To BPS-15 Screening Tests - Free Books

IBA Sukkur Notes and Sample Paper for BPS-5 To BPS-15 Screening Tests - Download in PDF

The availability of past papers, notes, and books in pdf format for screening tests conducted by the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Sukkur for job positions ranging from BPS-5 to BPS-15. The data provided in the pdf format is free to download for candidates who are preparing for IBA-Sukkur BPS-5 to BPS-15 screening tests. Here you can find preparation material such as multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to education jobs, new teachers jobs, lecturers tests, and other departments' job tests in IBA Sukkur. Candidates can use this data to prepare for the screening tests and increase their chances of performing well in the exams.

According to New Syllabus:

  • General Knowledge
  • Pakistan Study
  • General Science
  • Islamic Studies
  • Computer
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Current Affairs
  • Past Papers Mcqs

IBA Screening Sample Papers Syllabus BPS 5 to 15 Download
IBA STS Sample Paper OF Screening Test
IBA Screening Test Syllabus BPS 5 To 15
IBA Screening Test Sample Papers PDF
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5 To 15 Grade Jobs Syllabus
IBA BPS 5 to 15 Sample paper PDF

IBA BPS 05-15 Notes Download It is very important to start preparation of any examination before taking the test, all you need to do start the preparation of IBA 5 to 15 scale jobs. Previous year the Sindh government announced 05 to 15 scale jobs for all Sindhi peoples but due some resistances the process was delayed. Now once again the government has started process of conducting test through STS, so the process will start by the end of the December 2022 according to official report.

So it is very important to start preparation from now, because of there are lots of jobs are announced in 05 to 15 scale advertisement. There are three types of qualifications categories which Matriculation, Intermediate & Graduation. What is mean by these categories and why government made different categories? All answers of these questions you will find below.

This post is aimed at providing assistance to those candidates who are appearing for the IBA Screening Test through the IBA Testing Service. The post shares valuable information about the syllabus, paper pattern, and sample papers for candidates' convenience. The IBA Sindh STS is a testing agency that conducts tests to fill available positions in both private and government sectors.

The Government of Sindh has recently declared multiple vacancies of BPS-05 to BPS-15 in various departments such as Education, Police, Health Care, etc. Thousands of candidates have applied for these vacancies, and this post is designed to help them prepare for the test.

The post includes the syllabus and paper pattern that the candidates can expect in the IBA Screening Test. It also provides the candidates with the option to download past papers or sample papers in PDF form to aid their preparation.

By going through this post, candidates will have a clear understanding of what to expect in the IBA Screening Test, which will help them prepare better and increase their chances of success.

IBA Screening Sample Papers Syllabus BPS 5 to 15 Download

IBA Screening Sample Papers Syllabus BPS 5 to 15 Download👇👇

PART-I     English 40 Questions
PART-II     Mathematics 20 Questions
PART-III     General Knowledge 40 Questions

  • Current Affairs/World Knowledge (20)
  • Everyday Science (10)
  • Islamiat/Pakistan Studies (05)
  • Computer (05)

The IBA Screening Test for BPS-5 to BPS-15 positions will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). These questions will be divided into different sections, which will cover various topics related to the position the candidate has applied for. The test will be conducted by the IBA Testing Service.

To help candidates prepare for the IBA Screening Test, the post provides a link to download the syllabus and sample papers for the test. By clicking on the link, candidates can easily access the relevant information that they need to prepare for the test.

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The syllabus and sample papers, the post aims to help candidates prepare better for the IBA Screening Test for BPS-5 to BPS-15 positions. With proper preparation and a clear understanding of the test's requirements, candidates can increase their chances of success in securing a job through the IBA Testing Service for various departments in the private and government sectors in Sindh.

To download STS Screening Test Notes in PDF Click on the link:

Test Criteria For Screening Test Of BPS-05 to BPS-15 In Government Of Sindh

PART-I     English 40 Questions
PART-II     Mathematics 20 Questions
PART-III     General Knowledge 40 Questions
  • Current Affairs/World Knowledge (20)
  • Everyday Science (10)
  • Islamiat/Pakistan Studies (05)
  • Computer (05)
The test criteria for screening tests for government jobs in Sindh may vary depending on the specific department and position being applied for. However, generally, the following criteria are commonly used for screening tests for jobs ranging from BPS-05 to BPS-15 in the government of Sindh:

Academic Qualifications: Candidates are required to meet the minimum education requirements for the position they are applying for. For example, candidates applying for a BPS-15 position may be required to have a Master's degree, while candidates applying for a BPS-05 position may only require a Matriculation or Intermediate degree.

General Knowledge: The test may include questions related to current affairs, Pakistan studies, world history, and geography.

English Language: Candidates may be tested on their English language proficiency, including grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Quantitative Aptitude: Candidates may be tested on their mathematical skills, including basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.

Job-specific skills: Depending on the job applied for, candidates may be tested on their job-specific skills and knowledge, such as computer skills, technical knowledge, and subject expertise.

Interview: Candidates who pass the screening test may be called for an interview to evaluate their interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and overall suitability for the job.
Test Criteria For Screening Test Of BPS-05 to BPS-15 In Government Of Sindh

STS Screening Test for BPS-05 to BPS-15 Matriculation Intermediate Graduation Level Jobs Test Syllabus Sample Papers



English MCQS Pattern Syllabus:

Read the comprehension carefully and answer the questions 10 Marks
  • Synonyms – (05) Marks
  • Antonyms – (05) Marks
  • Spelling check – (05) Marks
  • Error detections – (05) Marks
  • Prepositions – (05) Marks
  • Sentence Structure – (05)


Mathematics MCQS Pattern Syllabus:
  • MCQS Questions from Math level Text book Sindh Text board from average, ratio, percentage, word problem etc


General Knowledge MCQS Pattern Syllabus:
  • Current Affairs/ World Knowledge – (20) Marks
  • Everyday Science – (10) Marks
  • Islamiat/ Pakistan Studies – (05) Marks
  • Computer – (05)

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