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Subsidized Petrol Rs. 50/- Per Liter to Motor Bike and Car Updates

 Subsidized Petrol Rs. 50/- Per Litre to Motor Bike and Car Updates

The details shared in this passage describe a new scheme that will provide subsidized petrol to motorcycle and motorcar owners in Pakistan. The subsidized petrol will be available for a maximum of 21 litres per month for motorcycles and 30 litres per month for cars with engines less than 800CC. The subsidy will be given to the owners of registered vehicles, and the subsidized petrol will only be available to those users who receive a message of registration.

The subsidized petrol will cost 50 rupees less per litre than the normal price, and users will be able to purchase only 2 to 3 litres of petrol per day. Any user who exceeds the subsidized quantity of petrol will have to pay 100 rupees more than the subsidized price per litre.

The objective of this scheme is to provide relief to motorcycle and motorcar owners who are facing high petrol prices in Pakistan. By offering a subsidy, the scheme aims to encourage more people to register their vehicles and to promote the use of documented vehicles. The scheme will be launched within six weeks, and it is expected to benefit many employees who have been struggling with high conveyance expenses due to the increase in petrol prices.

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