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Tele School Pakistan Initiation Digital Education

Tele School Pakistan Initiation Digital Education

Tele School Pakistan is a digital education initiative launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Shareef, to improve the education system in the country. With the Tele School Pakistan application, students can easily download and watch educational videos and lectures on their mobile devices.

The program is designed to provide digital education for students of all levels, covering all academic subjects according to the National Curriculum. The primary section has been given particular attention, as the government seeks to provide a solid foundation for children from a young age.

The Ministry of Education and Professional Training has played a crucial role in the implementation of this initiative. Tele Education will help to speed up the learning process, allowing students to learn at their own pace and also review lectures they may have missed.

The Tele School Pakistan application has lectures for both practical and theoretical subjects. Experienced and qualified teachers prepare these lectures, and they deliver them in a language that is easy for students to understand. The program is designed to be used in every city and village in the country, ensuring that every child has access to quality education.

There are six digital channels available for students to access lectures on all subjects of every level. The application also provides a download option, which allows students to save lectures to watch later or in case of missed lectures.

Creating an account is easy and straightforward. Once students have created an account, they can start learning right away. Parents can also use the application to teach and guide their children, and there is no need to pay any fee as the program is entirely free for all students.

In conclusion, Tele School Pakistan is an innovative and important initiative that seeks to improve the education system in Pakistan. It provides students with access to quality education, irrespective of their location and financial background. It is an essential step towards a bright and prosperous future for the country.

Tele School Pakistan Initiation Digital Education

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